Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween.. just a little late? (;

Seeing, as I'm probably never gonna get around to catching up on all the months I missed of documenting, I figured I should probably just start with an easy one! Halloween! What a blast! It works perfect because we have cousins that live so close! (: Instead of explaining all the fun we had, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... (:

 Jordan refused to join in the festive pictures... All well. Haha(:

 Trick or treating was great with a cute baby to look after! Until poor little dude tripped and bonked his little head! You wouldn't believe how much a head bleeds! Good thing he's a tuff kid. He was back to running around within just a few minutes...

Great hike, and new favorite pictures for sure! (:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Doughty's finally got grass!! (:

Welcome to NEW GRASS!! Wahoo! (: 

Every body worked hard to put it in, but I personally think it was more fun, then actual work. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves though

The month of May mother load!

And this my friends, is why you should never, ever, under any circumstances get behind in your blogging process (; I didn't realize we had had such a busy month in May!

First: Paul started wearing baby shoes, and LOVES them! (:

Ali get's a little crazy with the camera when friends are around(;

Paul has learned the art of: Mess making. Great. 

Brett found a new app on the phone. 

Paul's a hipster(;

I went to EFY and had a blast! (:

Then we had a Lagoon party trip for finishing our math goals!

And, Paul's adorable in front of my camera(;

Prior to lagoon, I had some late nights of trying to finish up LOTS of math homework! So glad I got it done though(:

Mothers day party at our house!

Lookin' good G-ma! (:

2 generations of mothers... <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

 Momma with her baby (:

Onto the next subject: Ali won lots of first place ribbons in a competition she entered with Dozen!

Baby loves food time!

 AND, I partied in SLC with some friends, but I took too many pictures to narrow it down. We'll stick with one of just us 3 (: 

Phewf! Glad we got the May covered! (: